today is june 15 2024 and yesterday i finally finished uploading a mix i put together last week. it would've been uploaded much sooner but the cover was unfinished. it still sucks but oh well ^_^ i got sick of working on it.

if ya haven't yet, check out the mix on my utube channel (dssctvekanae) it's full of some awesome oldskool jungle tekno.

rewatched malace@doll for like the 8th time too, love the art and atmosphere to death and wanted to use it yet again for more visuals. if i could, i use it for everything but i think it's time to finally give malice a break..

been useless like usual playing online games instead of making stuff. ffxiv, pso, halo 2. i suck.... also been exploring old sample libraries, zero-g cuckooland asylum, stuff like that. maybe within our lifetimes i'll make a new song?